“ Applying Innovations ”

Digital Impression

Digitize your impressions and stay ahead!

Scan impressions in your clinic and dispatch to Leixir Group instantly. It's money saving 3D solution that requires no special training, reduces turn-around times, improves clinical results, enhances patient satisfaction and ensures the future of your practice.


Scanning is controlled from a PC and a user-friendly interface.

This ensures an easy workflow that either a dentist or assistant can perform without any training. The software provides speedy and efficient two-way communication, so the scan can be dispatched right away to us and we can return designs back to the dentist for viewing and approval. This enhances precision and accuracy.

Digitization saves time and money!

Digitization eliminates inaccuracies that can occur in traditional impression taking and model pouring. You save time and money. No need to pack and send a physical impression and there is no chance of damage during shipping. It enhances collaboration with Leixir Group. Data transfer of scans and case details takes seconds, providing immediate mutual consensus re: treatment details.


Benefits to the Dentist

  • Accurate scanning - avoids the pitfalls of conventional impression taking
  • Easy to use - you or your assistant can use the system
  • Flexible - use for virtually every lab related restoration
  • Profitable - avoid the cost of impression materials and remakes
  • Open System - Uses standard 3D files

Benefits to Patients

  • Easy to use system - comfortable for patients
  • Faster than conventional impression taking
  • Accurate technology - check out your digital impression in real time
  • Avoid remakes that cost time and money for everyone
  • Patients are enthusiastic and appreciate that you are involved in the latest dental technology