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Leixir Dental Group is a world-class, global dental lab network and training partner providing dental service organizations and private practice dentists with the necessary resources to grow.

Detail shot of a dental lab technician using high-tech equipment to craft a dental restoration appliance, one of many products and services from Leixir Dental Group.

How Our Dental Lab Network Can Help You Grow Your Business

At Leixir Dental Group, we take pride in providing a competitive edge to the dental service organizations (DSOs) and dentistry practices we serve by being at the forefront of the dental restoration industry. Through our extensive network of dental labs—our Global Centers of Excellence—we’re able to deliver top-caliber dental prosthetics using traditional impressions or images produced through intraoral scanning technology.  

Do you need dental restoration products you can count on for the perfect fit and long-lasting performance? Or maybe you want a training program that will help your organization transcend technological barriers to reach the next level in digital dentistry. In either event, you can move forward with confidence when you have Leixir at your side.

Our Full Spectrum of Dental Restoration Products

There’s never been a true one-size-fits-all solution for patients with damaged or missing teeth. But today’s dentists have a huge array of options for outfitting their patients with custom dental prosthesis devices that meet each patient’s needs and suit their aesthetic preferences. No matter which you choose, you can expect cost-effective precision craftsmanship when you turn to Leixir. Thanks to our network of well-established dental labs and highly experienced dental technicians, we can provide:

  • Implants, with optional surgical guides developed by high-tech software
  • Dental crowns and bridges
  • Full-arch restorations
  • Dentures
  • Partial dentures, including our proprietary Kamelion™ flexible polymer replacements
  • Custom night guards, including our proprietary Leixir Flexi occlusal guard

We also offer our all-in-one InCompass dental implant kit, which comes with a made-to-order implant fixture, suturing material, a healing cap (abutment), and an intraoral scan body for use during the patient’s recovery. Our dental implant kits are available with bone grafting material and a surgical guide as well.

Intraoral Scanner Programs & Training

Leixir is committed to helping dentists and DSOs integrate digital scanning technology into their practices. Intraoral scanners bring more efficiency and precision to the dental impression process. What’s more, dental restoration patients will appreciate the superior comfort they experience as their dentist takes precision measurements using a handheld device instead of messy molding material. Indeed, the use of digital dentistry can give your DSO or dental practice a significant edge over your competitors.

If you’re ready to purchase an industry-leading new or certified pre-owned intraoral scanner (IOS), make sure you consider the great selection available from Leixir. To help make the transition from traditional to digital dentistry easier, we offer a highly competitive scanner rebate program. We also have the industry’s largest team of certified IOS trainers available to help our clients get up to speed quickly on how to use their new digital technology.

Additional Services That Make Us Your Ideal Dental Lab Partner

Our dedication to integrating digital technology into the dental restoration industry extends to our client communications as well. Our MyLabConnect online portal allows DSOs and dentists to easily communicate with our lab staff, as well as place and track orders at any time that’s convenient for them.

Moreover, we nurture our longstanding partnerships with DSOs across the nation through our DSO Lab Program. This program encompasses our efficient and reliable production capabilities, competitive pricing, white-glove service, and first-rate IOS training.

For more information about how the products and services available from Leixir Dental Group can help your DSO or dental practice thrive, contact us today.

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