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Leixir Dental Group is a world-class, global dental lab network and training partner providing dental service organizations and private practice dentists with the necessary resources to grow.

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Meticulously Crafted Crowns and Bridges That Fit Patients Perfectly

Dental patients who need crowns and bridges probably don’t think much about where those products come from. But if you’re a dentist or part of a dental service organization (DSO), you know that the quality of the custom appliances your patients receive will affect their perception of your practice. That’s why so many dentists and DSOs count on Leixir Dental Group to deliver crowns and bridges that will fit perfectly and look beautiful for many years.

Leixir encompasses an extensive network of domestic and international labs that are staffed with highly trained and experienced technicians who take immense pride in their work. Our dental labs—which we call our Global Centers of Excellence—also boast the latest technology and equipment. This allows them to design and manufacture exquisite crowns, bridges, veneers, dentures, and other dental restoration products that will keep your patients smiling while also protecting their oral health.

Why Partner With Us for Crowns and Bridges?

Our large dental lab network allows us to:

  • Deliver precision craftsmanship whether we’re working from digital intraoral scans or conventional putty impressions
  • Provide crowns and bridges crafted from your choice of ultra-tough materials, including zirconia, ceramic, and metal options
  • Offer customized services, such as custom shading to match crowns and veneers to the color of your patient’s teeth
  • Achieve outstanding turnaround times with highly competitive pricing

Additionally, when you choose Leixir Dental Group to meet your needs for dental restoration products, you’ll be able to use our online portal, MyLabConnect, to place and track orders and communicate with our lab staff at times that are most convenient for you.

Leixir is also leading the way in the transition to digital dentistry. If you’re interested in intraoral scanners and the training to use them, we can provide the resources you need to make the switch.

Contact Leixir Dental Group today for more information about our crowns and bridges as well as the many valuable services we offer to individual dentists and DSOs throughout the nation.

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