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Fixed Dental Prosthesis Options That Deliver the Perfect Combination of Beauty and Comfort

When it comes to permanent dental restorations, patients expect to receive prosthetics that not only look natural but feel natural in their mouths. Fortunately, dentists and dental service organizations can turn to Leixir Dental Group’s extensive lab network for a wide variety of fixed dental prosthesis options created by highly skilled technicians who lead the cosmetic dentistry industry with their precision craftsmanship.

What Types of Fixed Dental Prosthetics Are Available From Leixir Labs?

Thanks to our large domestic and international lab network, Leixir can supply just about any type of fixed dental prosthetic you can name. We also offer many specialized services, such as custom shading to match a dental prothesis to a patient’s natural teeth. Here are some of the fixed dental prothesis options we offer:

  • Full-arch restorations, also known as permanent dentures
  • Crowns and bridges, exquisitely crafted from zirconia, porcelain, or metal
  • Implants, available with our InCompass dental implant kit that has everything needed to complete the implant procedure
  • Fixed overdentures, also known as hybrid dental implants or implant-supported dentures

Why Trust Us When You Need Fixed Dental Restoration Solutions?

Our lab network boasts facilities with longstanding reputations for exceptional quality and efficient workflow. Our technicians can work from state-of-the-art digital scans or traditional putty impressions. Plus, with our exclusive online portal, MyLabConnect, we make communication with us as convenient as possible for busy dentists and dental service organizations (DSOs). Finally, our DSO lab program can deliver a high volume of dental restorations with fast turnaround times at highly competitive prices.

In addition to our fixed dental prosthesis options, we also offer a wide array of removable dental appliances, including dentures and night guards. Contact Leixir Dental Group today for more information.

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