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Implant Planning Software & Surgical guides

Virtual Treatment Planning with Implant Planning Software

The Leixir Group has Implant Planning Software to enhance the planning and implementation of your implant cases. This design software gives you integrative design capability, before surgery.


Smart Guide

Surgical Guides - Safely guides implant surgery using CT Scan data

This software allows us to design and manufacture the surgical guide, which is manufactured in our labs using CAD/CAM technology.

Implant Planning software and Surgical guides are an important tool used in Implant surgery to help perform the surgery quickly, safely and predictably, using data from a CT Scan. Using Implant Planning Software, we can fabricate surgical guides quickly.

The Surgical guide allows you to perform both simple & complicated surgeries predictably, without raising a flap.


Implant Planning & Guided Surgery

Digital Treatment Planning and Guided Surgery are fast becoming a recognized standard of care for the planning and placement of dental implants. The Leixir Group has developed a unique Implant Planning System.

This system has 3-D imaging and virtual software to plan your implant cases. Leixir Group has brought you ‘Implant Planning software – an open implant surgery planning software. This software create 3D models of teeth and Jaw bones which helps you to get details of gingival, tooth contours and nerves. The surgical guides generated by this software are compatible with all implant system available in market.


The Benefits of Virtual Treatment Planning with Implant planning system

  • Allows for fast and precise 'flapless' surgery.
  • Allows for complete implant case planning prior to surgery.
  • Easily import CT scan data and automatically generate 3D model.
  • Allows cross-sectional view for better planning.
  • Provide accurate details regarding gingiva, bone structure, density and tooth structure.

Simplified 'Flapless' Surgery with Surgical Guides

  • Fast & predictable implant surgery with Implant Planning system & Surgical Guide.
  • Leixir Group creates the Surgical Guide using the CT data. The dentist can perform 'flapless' implant surgery with this.
  • Minimally invasive surgery reduces discomfort during implant treatment.
  • Safe, Accurate, Predictable and Fast implant Treatment.
  • Cases are completed faster and more comfortably.