“ Applying Innovations ”

3D scanning

Digital Dentistry begins with 3D scanning

The Leixir Group is dedicated to Digital Dentistry. Every Leixir Laboratory is equipped with the latest digital scanners and design software. Our scanners are designed to produce the most accurate 3D files of virtually any dental object including models and impressions. We invite dentists to send us their digital impressions.

Leixir Labs can use scans and 3D design software for virtually every dental restoration type

We can use digital scans to fabricate virtually any restoration type including, C & B, Dentures, Implants and MORE!

Our Partner Labs are always equipped with the latest in dental technology and design. Our laboratories take full control of designs of crowns, copings/ bridge frameworks and implant abutments and frameworks. After the design stage, we fabricate our own milled restorations, in minimum turnaround time. Leixir laboratories has dedicated experts in this technology and offer the latest computer designed and milled restorations.

Benefits to Our Partner Labs

Lab Scanner
  • Accurate 3D scans of virtually any object, including models and impressions
  • Easy to use - our software is designed for easy integration into our dental labs
  • Flexible - 3D scans are used to design virtually any dental restoration in any material, including: wax, acrylic, titanium, chrome cobalt and of course, zirconia
  • Profitable - highly accurate and predictable - fewer remakes
  • Open System allows for the import and design of any 3D file


Benefits to Our Dentists

  • Accurate fit - fewer remakes saves time and money for everyone
  • Seamless technology, easily integrated
  • We accept Digital Impressions
  • Can be used for all traditional prosthetics, C&B, Implants, Dentures and more!
  • Fast turn-around times
  • Open System - send us your digital impressions!