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Leixir Dental Group is a world-class, global dental lab network and training partner providing dental service organizations and private practice dentists with the necessary resources to grow.

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The Benefits of Our Dental Service Organization Lab Program for Our Partners in Connecticut

As their name implies, dental service organizations (DSOs) exist to support dentists by handling nonclinical duties such as procuring dental lab services and making sure the products ordered are of high quality and arrive on time. And that’s exactly what you’ll get if your DSO turns to Leixir Dental Group. We’re proud to be the nation’s most reliable partner for DSOs that require a high volume of dental prosthetics. Thanks to our extensive dental lab network and exclusive DSO lab program, we can offer top-caliber dental restoration products with fast turnaround times and at highly competitive prices.

What’s more, one of our standout dental labs—York Dental Laboratory—is located in Branford, CT. This technology-driven lab offers a convenient location for DSOs and the clinicians they serve to receive intraoral scanner (IOS) training that can help accelerate their transition to digital dentistry. With the industry’s largest team of certified IOS trainers, Leixir is proud to help DSOs and dentists switch from using messy putty for tooth impressions to skillfully maneuvering a handheld digital device to collect accurate measurements in a fraction of the time.

Additional Reasons to Take Advantage of Our DSO Lab Program

It’s no small feat to deliver a high volume of custom dental prosthetics without sacrificing quality. But Leixir’s network of domestic and international labs—our Global Centers of Excellence—manage to do just that. When you trust us to supply the dental restoration products you need, you’ll enjoy:

  • The availability of just about any fixed or removable dental appliances you can name, each meticulously and efficiently crafted using either digital technology or traditional putty impressions
  • The option of choosing innovative products such as our InCompass implant kit
  • The convenience of using our online portal, MyLabConnect, to place and track orders and communicate with our lab technicians at times that work for you

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