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Intraoral Scanner Training for Dentists & DSOs Across Connecticut

If you run a dentistry practice or a dental service organization (DSO), you may have thought about switching to digital intraoral scanning (IOS) technology. You wouldn’t be alone in doing so. Given the many benefits offered by IOS technology—for instance, its accuracy, quick turnaround time, cleanliness, and comfort—many dental practices are moving away from traditional impressions.

Once you’ve decided to embrace IOS technology at your practice, you’ll need to find a company that can supply you with the necessary scanner, onboard the technology, and train your team in how to use it. Fortunately, if you’re in Connecticut, you can take advantage of the intraoral scanner training program available from Leixir Dental Group, a trusted dental lab network with a Global Center of Excellence in Branford, CT (York Dental Laboratory).

Why Choose Us for Intraoral Scanner Training?

You can feel confident entrusting your IOS technology needs to the professionals at Leixir. Consider that:

  • We carry a wide selection of new and certified pre-owned intraoral scanners.
  • We offer the largest team of certified IOS trainers in the industry.
  • We’ve developed a proprietary, module-based IOS training curriculum.
  • We offer both individual- and team-based training approaches.
  • We can hold IOS training sessions at your office or at one of our in-house education centers.

Don’t Wait Any Longer

If you’re in Connecticut and you’re ready to make the switch from traditional impressions to IOS technology, contact Leixir Dental Group today. Our friendly representatives can tell you more about our company and answer any questions you might have about our intraoral scanner training program.

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