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Offering a Time- & Cost-Efficient Dental Service Organization Lab Program in Florida

If you run a dental service organization (DSO), you surely understand how important it is to supply your team and their patients with the dental restoration products they need. Unfortunately, given the large number of products that DSOs typically require, it can often be difficult to secure prompt turnaround times, which can in turn impact the level of service they’re able to offer to patients.

That won’t be the case when you partner with Leixir Dental Lab Group, a trusted dental lab network serving dentists and DSOs across the United States. Our industry-leading DSO lab program allows us to deliver high volumes of dental restoration products to DSOs in a time- and cost-efficient manner. Plus, considering that two of our Global Centers of Excellence are based in Florida—Comprehensive Aesthetics Center and Knight Dental Group, both located in Oldsmar—we’re a convenient choice for DSOs in your area.

Additional Benefits of Participating in Our DSO Lab Program

Quick turnaround times and reasonable pricing aren’t the only reasons for you to take advantage of Leixir’s DSO lab program. Consider the following:

  • We offer a wide array of dental restoration products—including bridges, crowns, dentures, full-arch restorations, implants, night guards, partials, and surgical guides—and we’ve developed numerous proprietary solutions that help dentists deliver the best possible care.
  • Your team can interface with our labs and place and track orders using our state-of-the-art MyLabConnect system.
  • We can craft our products using either digital intraoral scanning (IOS) technology or traditional impressions. And if you ever decide to transition to a digital approach, we can supply you with the necessary products and training.

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If Leixir Dental Lab Group’s dental service organization lab program sounds like the right choice for your company’s needs, contact us today. We’ll gladly tell you more about how we serve dentists and DSOs throughout Florida and the rest of the country.

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