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Our DSO Lab Program Is a Perfect Fit for Dental Service Organizations in Maryland

If you’re running a dental service organization (DSO) in Maryland, your goal is to help dentists focus on delivering high-quality oral health services by taking care of nonclinical tasks that could otherwise reduce the amount of time spent with patients. Leixir Dental Group is proud to help by providing a dedicated DSO lab program that delivers custom dental appliances at competitive prices, along with many other benefits.

We have an extensive network of dental labs, one of which is the venerable Thompson Suburban Dental Laboratory in Timonium, MD. After 50 years of designing and manufacturing dentures, implants, TMJ splints, and other dental devices, our Maryland lab has built a solid reputation for meticulous craftsmanship. It’s also known for being at the forefront of digital dentistry, which helps us fulfill high-volume orders with cost-effective results and fast turnaround times but without compromising quality.

Additional Benefits Provided by Our DSO Lab Program

Leixir is dedicated to helping more DSOs and their dentist partners reap the benefits of technological advances such as using intraoral scanners (IOS) to record the measurements needed for designing and crafting dental appliances. That’s why we offer IOS incentive programs and on-site training opportunities, available to dentists in their offices or in group settings at our labs, including our Maryland facility. Using IOS technology instead of outdated putty impressions will improve efficiency and also potentially attract patients who no longer want to endure a goopy process to ensure the proper fit for their crowns, dentures, or implants.

Another benefit provided through our DSO lab program is our online communications portal, MyLabConnect, which allows DSOs and their dentist members to place and track orders at times that are most convenient for them.

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