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Revolutionize Your Mississippi Dental Practice or DSO With Intraoral Scanners

If you’re ready to make the switch from traditional impressions to intraoral scanning (IOS) and digital imaging at your Mississippi dental practice or dental service organization (DSO), Leixir Dental Group is your trusted partner. We carry both new and certified pre-owned intraoral scanners—including Align’s market-leading iTero intraoral scanners—and this technology combined with our comprehensive IOS programs and training empowers you to embrace the digital age and enhance the efficiency of your practice or DSO. We also have Global Centers of Excellence located around the world to provide a full value spectrum in terms of dental restoration solutions, including our Blue Box Dental Laboratory located right here in Jackson.

The Benefits of Intraoral Scanners

There are many benefits of switching to digital dental scanners, including:

  • Clinical efficiency – Transition seamlessly from an analog to a digital practice with a highly efficient IOS program. An intraoral scanner saves time, which means you can see more patients in a day and increase your revenue.
  • Cost savings – An intraoral scanner eliminates the expense of impression materials, shipping, and remakes.
  • Enhanced treatment planning – Improve treatment planning for orthodontic and restorative cases, leading to better patient outcomes.
  • Greater comfort and convenience for your patients – Intraoral scanners are quicker and more comfortable than traditional impressions, which can improve the patient experience. The digital records are also easier for patients to access and understand.

Comprehensive IOS Program Training

Tap into the full potential of your IOS technology with the support of Leixir’s certified IOS Clinical Trainers. Our expert team will help you maximize the benefits of your intraoral scanners so you can offer your patients crowns, bridges, implants, removables, and more. Choose from our in-person (either at your office or at a group training event) and virtual training options.

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Experience the future of dentistry with Leixir Dental Group’s intraoral scanner solutions. Elevate your Mississippi practice or DSO, enhance patient care, and embrace the digital revolution in dentistry. Contact us today to get started.

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