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Leixir Dental Group is your one-stop shop for all of your IOS needs. We’re a certified reseller of Align’s market leading iTero intra-oral scanners. We also have a variety of programs to make IOS acquisition easy and affordable. We also feature the industry’s largest team of IOS certified scanner trainers to make integration and success seamless for your practice.

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At Leixir, we understand the importance of using cutting edge technology to not only optimize your office workflow but also provide your patients the superior clinical outcomes they deserve. That is why we offer a comprehensive selection of high-quality intraoral scanners to meet the unique needs of any dental practice. And our service doesn’t stop once you’ve acquired the scanner. Our team of IOS experts is dedicated to ensuring your success from onboarding the technology to training your staff – throughout the life of your scanner!

Intraoral scanner device next to monitor screen with digital image of teeth

Element Flex

The iTero Element Flex platform delivers everything practices look for in advanced digital impression technology without the high price! The iTero Restorative Foundation software allows clinicians to take advantage of all the restorative solutions and digital workflows with complete lab connectivity. The Flex platform, which features a wand-only configuration, is compatible with most of today’s leading laptops (sold separately) to ensure high speeds and processing power. The small footprint also allows for ultimate mobility – take the technology from office to office!

iTero Element Flex
(Certified Pre-Owned)

Same cutting-edge technology as the original Element Flex, just gently used. Units have been completely refurbished by the OEM and offer 1 (included) or 3-year (additional cost) warranty and service terms. This is your most affordable path digital dentistry!

Element 2

With the iTero Element 2 intraoral scanner in your practice, you’ve got a powerful system built to streamline your workflow, enhance your precision, and better connect with your patients. Features like its expanded 21.5” touch widescreen and high-definition color imaging make for more compelling chairside consultations. The scanner’s fast scan processing and lab compatibility make it easier to grow your practice by accepting more case volume.​

Scanner Rebate Program

Invest wisely with Leixir’s scanner rebate programs. Don’t borrow a “free” scanner – control your own destiny – we can make ownership effectively free! We offer our clients highly competitive scanner rebate programs that reward you for your investment in IOS technology. We offer a variety of programs depending on your monthly lab spend. We support all types of scanners as well – you’re free to choose your scanner platform. Additionally, our rebate program allows you to generate rebates on new or old scanners – we’ll help you claw back that investment from years past!

Top 3 reasons FOR starting to use an IOS


Improve clinical efficiency


Transition from an analog to a digital practice


Improve laboratory communication

*Data provided by the American Dental Association

It’s a Win - Win for You and Your Patient!

Doctor Wins

  • Brings your practice into the digital age!
  • Saves chair time = see more patients
  • Increased clinical case acceptance & conversion
  • Better treatment planning for ortho & restorative
  • Cost Savings: reduce impression material usage, no shipping cost, reduced remake cost

Patient Wins

  • Greater patient comfort
  • Greater convenience – shorter visit and lower chance of re-visit
  • Digital records more patient-friendly
  • Easier to understand and visualize vs. radiograph

IOS Training

Unlock the full potential of your scanner! Tap into our highly trained, certified team of IOS Clinical Trainers to maximize the benefits of your IOS! Our proprietary training modules help expand your IOS utilization beyond crown & bridge into implants and removables.

In-Person training

We’ll come to you with our proprietary, module-based IOS training solutions! We offer both individual or team-based training solutions within your office or the venue of your choice.

Training Events

Join us at one of our state-of-the-art training facilities in Tampa, Maryland, or Rhode Island for our group iOS training events. Led by industry experts, these immersive sessions will provide hands-on, in-depth instruction to take your team’s iOS skills to the next level.

Virtual Trainings
(Coming Soon)

Can’t make it to one of our training locations? Our virtual training options bring our iOS specialists directly to you, providing real-time instruction and troubleshooting assistance remotely. This flexible option allows you to receive the same high-quality training without the need for travel or time away from the office.

What About Training My Staff?


With ~ 25 certified scanner professionals, we’re ready to train you and your team & help you begin your digital journey!

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